Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Derangement Syndrome: Radio Talker Grant Imagines the Imperial Obama Flag

Talk about idiotic, wing-nutty Talk Radio nonsense:

Conservative New York blabber Bob Grant's ignorance was on full display this week when he slammed Barack Obama for some peculiar flags behind the senator at a speech in Toledo.

Grant told his listeners that the flags distorted the actual Stars and Stripes and included a big O, a sure sign of hubris on the part of the oh-so-snooty Obama.

Of course. Obama is such an arrogant ass that he would make up his own imperial flag.

Except for the fact that the speech was in Toledo, which is in Ohio, which is why the flags behind Obama were not distorted U.S. flags honoring Emperor Obama, as Grant assumed, but the official flag of the Great State of Ohio.

Like we said: Idiotic, wing-nutty Talk Radio nonsense.

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Tulsan said...

Grant might well know exactly what he's doing. I get the impression that right-wing talkers are contemptuous of their audience off-mike, and with good reason.