Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fightin' Commies in Tulsa: Sally Bell is Ready

She's only running for Tulsa County Commissioner, but Republican Sally Bell is still hoppin' mad about the Reds and their threat to the United States.

Never mind that Wal-Mart is overflowing with consumer goods made in Red China, never mind that the Soviet Union is long gone, never mind that Fidel is an old and very ill man, Sally and her fellow warriors are still spoilin' for a Big Fight.

We're talking about Bell's long-time membership (since 1964!) in the John Birch Society, a Cold War relic that planned to fight the Red Tide to the last man, woman and child. Why to hear the Birchers tell it, there were plenty of Reds right here in the good ole U.S.A, just waitin' till we let down our guard and they could take over the churches, the schools, the media, and even the gov'ment without firin' a shot.

That woulda been somethin' terrible, but with Sally and her Birch friends on the job it never happened. Weren't no Reds ever gonna get a toehold in Oklahoma, no sir, no way.

Having won the battle and the war, most Birchers have gone the way of the dodo, but not Sally. She told the Tulsa World this week that she's still fightin' for good ole 'Merican values.

"I believe that George Bush [!] is an internationalist and that he does believe in a global world [say what?], and I'm protective of our sovereignty," Bell told the newspaper.

She also said she agreed with the Birchers' website statement that "it is Bush Administration policy to merge with Mexico and Canada and actually abolish both borders."

Back in the reality-based world, most Democrats and Republicans don't think so. Nor do most Independents. Not even Ralph Nader. Unlike Bell, all of them are waiting for a some evidence, some actual statement from Bush, Cheney, Rice or some other high administration authority that supports the merger of these three nations. Don't hold your breath.

As for Sally Bell, none of this warrants public confidence. Instead, it indicates a rigidity of ideology and a wrong-headed gullibility that Tulsa County voters ought to reject outright.

Bell wants us to think she's a leader. But a public person with views this cockeyed has something less than a firm grip on the real world.

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Tulsan said...

I was happy for Bell and for us that she knocked off Randi Miller. But I prefer to vote for non-lunatics.