Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin Supporter Screams 'Kill Him'

Gov. Sarah Palin spoke earlier today in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Not surprisingly, the Republican crowd was fired up, ready to attack Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Unfortunately, the GOP discourse recently has been somewhat less than civil. Or, to put it more accurately, it's been highly inflammatory.

As the Right sees it, Obama is not simply a well-meaning but wrong-headed opponent. Oh no. He's a secret terrorist with evil intentions who is set on handing the nation over to Islamic terrorists. Or somebody.

Here's how that logic plays itself out, taken from today's Scranton Times-Tribune:
Chris Hackett addressed the increasingly feisty crowd as they await the arrival of Gov. Palin.

Each time the Republican candidate for the seat in the 10th Congressional District mentioned Barack Obama the crowd booed loudly.

One man screamed "kill him!"


Savage Baptist said...

You get a few nuts in the crowd, and all of a sudden they are "the right," eh?

Thanks a heap! You don't really want to see how quick I can dig up crap from the left, do you? I'm sure you'd appreciate being identified with the Democratic Underground commenters as much as I appreciate being identified with the nuts you're talking about.

Tulsan said...

I don't believe there is anything remotely equivalent happening at Obama appearances. The governor getting booed at the hockey game amounts to impoliteness.

As to DU, I don't know how you go about objectively assessing the weight of ugly comments there vs. the aggregate output of Free Republic, RedState, etc. Of course, I would guess that the Reds are way ahead. But that stuff isn't equivalent to yelling "Kill him!" or the like at a public event. The Secret Service needs to be getting after those people.

The ugliness of the public face of the GOP sure seems to be turning off voters at an increasing pace.