Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin Latest: Her Numbers Keep Dropping

It's Veep Debate Day, of course, so we only have a few hours to wait until Sarah Palin and Joe Biden square off in St. Louis. 

We have no idea how this might turn out for either candidate, but we do know that Palin's public statements in recent days haven't inspired confidence.

She turned out to be clueless about the Supreme Court, unable to name a single case other than Roe v. Wade, the controversial abortion case. 

She gave a vague answer about what news sources she relies on, failing to name a single newspaper, magazine or even a cable news show. It would seem like a no-brainer to mention the Anchorage Daily News, which is the largest paper in her state, and she didn't even do that.

No big surprise then to see this headline on the web today: 
60% see Palin "lacking the experience to be an effective president"

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