Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin Postmortem: Pull String, Repeat Cliches

The vice presidential debate just ended and the verdicts are rolling in. Naturally, the partisans are split their opinions, with the Democrats rating Joe Biden as the winner and the Republicans putting Sarah Palin on top.

On Fox News (surprise!) Palin was gangbusters. The Fox folks even produced a focus group that went heavily (but not completely) for Palin.

Over a CBS, a more scientific "instant" survey came to an opposite conclusion, finding that most viewers rated Biden as the clear winner over Palin, but including a high number of undecided voters.

Thus far, the best description of Palin's performance we've seen comes from one of our favorite blogs, Daily Kos. Here's their quick summary:
Palin was like one of those dolls where you pull the string, and some pre-recorded message comes out. Pull string, "They hate our freedoms!" Pull string, "Obama will raise taxes!" Pull string, "Drill, baby, drill!" It was tiresome and, frankly, a little boring.


Tulsan said...

Palin may be a genius. She confabulated almost complete ignorance into a showing that at least the faithful could interpret as credible.

On the whole. probably few minds were changed, which is in keeping with the history of vice presidential debates.

Anonymous said...

Which I guess is just as bad as the democrat pull strings saying "Bush did it!" "Bush's economics," and my personal favorite, "Just more of the same Bush!"

Tulsan said...

Where can I get on of those Chatty George McBush dolls?