Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Draws 100,000 to Missouri Rally

Barack Obama has no realistic chance of winning Oklahoma, but his chances in neighboring Missouri are good—and getting better. 

An Obama rally in St. Louis today drew some 100,000 people to the St. Louis Gateway Arch and Missouri polls show the Illinois Democrat with a slight lead in the state. 

Speaking about the huge crowd, Obama said, "What a magnificent sight. All I can say is, wow!"

In the world of Right-wing fantasy, however, all of these Obama supporters are surely non-pro-America people (as Sarah Palin would have it; see earlier posts), probably socialists and maybe traitors (as Sean Hannity and John McCain would claim). 

Fear—that's what the Right is selling these days. It's the same line they've been peddling for years, but this time it may not work. 

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