Friday, October 17, 2008

MCain Flip-flop No. 74: New Respect for Bill Clinton

John McCain advertises himself as a "straight talker." But the record shows otherwise, something the public is finally beginning to notice. 

Let's take McCain's attitude toward former President Bill Clinton. Talking last night to David Letterman, McCain defended his vice presidential selection of Sarah Palin with these words: 
In all due respect, one of the people I admired most was an obscure governor of a southern state called Arkansas, and he turned our to be a fairly successful president.
Oh really? McCain "admired" Clinton? That's not how we remember it. Here's a little reminder of McCain's 1999 "admiration" for President Clinton: 
I am persuaded that the president has violated his oath of office by committing perjury and by obstructing justice, and that by doing do he has forfeited his office.
Not surprisingly, McCain voted to impeach Clinton in 1999. Today, he "admires" the former president and uses him as an example of someone who can rise from obscurity to success in Washington. 

Never mind that Clinton went from Arkansas to Georgetown University where he was an undergraduate, then to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, back to Washignton as a U.S. Senate aide, and then to Yale for a law graduate—all before he was governor or president! 

Sarah Palin's credentials: Five colleges in six years, PTA president, mayor of a town of 7,000, and governor of a state that's substantially smaller in population than San Antonio.

You make the call! 

(Hat tip to John Dickerson of Slate.)


Savage Baptist said...

Oh, I'll take Palin, any day of the week, on the strength of her pro-life position alone. But you already knew that.

Tulsan said...