Friday, March 14, 2008

Tulsans Respond to Kern's Gay-Bashing

Courtesy of today's Tulsa World, we have a nomination for Tulsa's Quote of the Day, a response to Rep. Sally Kern's anti-gay comments:
Her statement perpetuates the wrongful stereotype that Oklahoma is a backward state. Every proud Oklahoman deserves to be disgusted at her ridiculous rant.

--Jim Langdon, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice


Tulsan said...

Unfortunately, the truth is we ARE a backward state in many ways, and I say that as a native Oklahoman.

Dan Paden said...

You can take it as evidence of backwardness or not as you like, but I'll remind you that the last time the people of Oklahoma actually got to vote directly on anything gay-related, the folks who are convinced that homosexuality is morally wrong administered an election-day butt-kicking the likes of which have seldom been seen.

You go ahead. Try running against Sally Kern next time she's up for re-election and play that clip as often as you like. Make an attack ad out of it. See what happens.

Tulsan said...

As I said, we are a backward state in many ways, and that way looms large. Rep. Kern's million YouTube hits portray us as a bunch of ignorant hillbillies.

People are beginning to weary of politicians who manipulate them with fear and prejudice. Allowing that to continue is most definitely a sign of backwardness.

Even Southern Baptist "leaders," such as they are, are beginning to look for issues that allow them to decouple from GOP identity politics. Gayness is probably not yet on their action list, though considering all the religious leaders tripped up by it in the last few years, they might consider it.

Tulsan said...

I say that as one who grew up in a Southern Baptist church.

Tulsan said...

It seems that Sally Kern got a phone call from Ellen DeGeneres today. (Or "Ellen Degenerate" as dear, departed Rev. Falwell put it so winningly. What a charmer he was.)