Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gay-Basher Kern Gets GOP Standing Ovation

Rep. Sally Kern, an Oklahoma City Republican recently outed as a gay-basher, got a standing ovation from fellow Republicans in a closed meeting Monday.

The Tulsa World reports today that Kern met with fellow Republicans Monday, where she "said the group gave her a standing ovation." (We're so-o-o-o proud! Not!)

Despite such support, the paper reports that the reaction to Kern's anti-gay comments has been overwhelmingly negative.

Kern's YouTube rant had received nearly 400,000 hits by late Monday, the World reported. Our own Google blog search has turned up dozens and dozens references to Kern, most of them highly critical.

As we reported yesterday (see below), Kern's comments have also been blasted in the Oklahoma State University student newspaper, the O'Collegian.

Rep. Kern, a former teacher, has a lot to learn. So do her fellow Republican gay-bashers.


Tulsan said...

Who else but the GOP would revel in being grotesquely wrong AND unpopular?

Anonymous said...

This article omits two extremely important details:

Who is running against Sally Kern in the next election?

What is the maximum campaign contribution in Oklahoma?