Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gay-Bashing Sally Kern Hides Behind Lawyer

Rep. Sally Kern, poster child (in more ways than one) for Oklahoma ignorance and intolerance, was nowhere to be found Tuesday when some 300 protesters showed up at the state capitol Tuesday to meet with the anti-gay legislator.

The protesters went to Kern's office after an audiotape of her anti-gay remarks was posted earlier this month on YouTube. Kern's remarks have been widely criticized in Oklahoma and elsewhere (see AT's earlier postings).

But not to worry. The Tulsa World reports today that Kern is willing to meet with a few of the demonstrators. The money quote: "I'd have no problem meeting with them next week when I have my lawyer," Kern said.

Really? A lawyer?

Our question: How does that square with The Absolute Truth that Kern presumes to speak? Or maybe that's the problem: it doesn't.

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fullycompletely said...

I don't think I'd want to step out to meet an angry mob of 300 people either, lol!
Joking aside, I don't agree with her generalization that homosexuality is worse than, or even equal to, terrorism.
I have a gay co-worker and friend that I see regularly outside of work; and I can understand the hurt from those irresponsible remarks. But I do have a problem when homosexuals can label someone like me as intolerant even when I do not share their views. It's one thing for us(my friend and I) to agree to disagree. For me to say, "I don't agree with your life style. I consider it a sin." is fine. For her to reply that she disagrees and it's not changing her, is fine as well.
It is when my view is considered intolerant because it is different than theirs, that I have a problem. I don't hate the person, I hate what I consider is the 'sin'. There is a part of the homosexual population that would rail against me just for saying that. And I find that unacceptable.