Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gov. Henry's Advice to Rep. Sally Kern: Cool Out and Think Before You Speak

Rep. Sally Kern, the Oklahoma lawmaker who claimed that homosexuality "is just destroying this nation" has been advised by Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry to "cool the rhetoric."

Henry made his comments today, saying that his religious beliefs teach him to be tolerant of diverse lifestyles and viewpoints.

Meanwhile, the OSBI is investigating death threats against Kern, who has been roundly criticized for her tape recorded remarks that claimed homosexuality is a greater threat to the nation than terrorism.

"Think before you speak," Henry said. "Oklahomans have love and tolerance for all people.

"I don't think [her rhetoric] represents Oklahoma," the governor said.

For Oklahoma's sake, let's hope he's right.


Bitty said...

Now that someone's left her death threats, she and those who think like her will believe that this proves her point.

(I'm not defending her; I think she's a nutjob.)

Tulsan said...

Actually, what we have is Sally Kern's claim that she received them. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. That is yet to be determined by the OSBI.

Tulsan said...

From the AP story:

"A fellow lawmaker contacted the OSBI on Monday and suggested that agents go through the e-mails, some of which might be threatening, OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown said. Kern said Monday that she had not received death threats. On Tuesday, she said, 'It's changed,' but she did not elaborate.

"Brown said Tuesday, 'There are a lot of e-mails to the representative that say, 'You ought to die,' rather than, 'I am going to kill you.' I wouldn't characterize them as death threats, she said."

Spook said...

What a bunch of liberal BS... Sounds like you are all just upset that there were more than 2:1 supporters at Sally's rally than at the "alternate lifestyle" rally. If someone had made the comment to Larry Craig that "You ought to die", would be certainly considered a threat and hate crime……