Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Henderson re-elected in District 1

"Jack's Back!"

So writes Michael Bates over at Batesline, the local political blog. As Bates reports, Henderson, a Democrat, was an easy winner over Emanuel Lewis and Mike McConnell in District 1.

Congratulations, Jack.

Now that you've secured another 2-year term, it might be time to turn your attention to acting like an adult. We're referring to your recent—and fully juvenile—fight with the mayor over the size and decoration of your office in the new city hall.

We also recall the time last year that you walked out of a meeting with the new Tulsa police chief, Ron Palmer, another act of pettiness.

We have no problem with Councilor Henderson speaking his mind or disagreeing with Mayor Taylor or anyone else. But we do have a problem with Henderson's thin-skinned petulance.

A friendly reminder, Jack: It's about District 1. It's not about you.

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