Friday, March 21, 2008

McCain Campaign Coming to OKC; Will Charge Sooners $2,300 for Photos (Yes, Really)

Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate for president, is coming to Oklahoma City in April to raise campaign cash.

Assuming you have deep pockets, you can meet Sen. McCain and even get your photo taken with the good senator. But face time with the man will cost you. According to Oklahoma Republican Party sources, host committee members have agreed to raise $10,000 each. (Ouch!)

The announcement also said that those wanting photos with McCain will be required to donate $2,300. (Seems a little steep to us.) Thank goodness, the general reception will only cost you a mere $1,000 per person.

True, Democrats do the same thing.

But this kind of money-grubbing gives all politicians a bad name, doesn't it? And isn't McCain running as a GOP maverick, a no-nonsense reformer who intends to clean up the political mess in Washington?

If so, he's got some explaining to do. This sounds like the same old political nonsense that McCain says he's against.

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