Monday, March 31, 2008

Campus Gun Bill Shot Down in State Senate

Finally, a little sanity comes to the Oklahoma legislature. After being rounded criticized by every major college leader in the state, the campus gun bill has died.

The Tulsa World is reporting today that the ill-advised bill to permit some students to carry concealed weapons on campus is dead for this legislative session.

Here's part of the World's story posted on its website this afternoon:
The state Senate will not hear a controversial bill to allow certain people to carry concealed weapons on campus, top Senate leaders confirmed Monday.

The confirmation from Sen. Johnnie Crutchfield, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, came shortly after a governor’s task force on campus security unanimously approved a resolution urging that the bill not be heard in the Senate, after being approved earlier by the House.

Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis said Monday the bill would have allowed Timothy McVeigh, executed after being found guilty of the Oklahoma City bombing, to carry a concealed weapon on campus because he was a military veteran.

University of Oklahoma President David Boren thumped a podium Monday, as he intoned, “Please, please, please,” defeat House Bill 2513.

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