Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rep. Kern's Comments Echo Sen. Coburn's

Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma City made a fool of herself recently when her anti-gay comments were released on YouTube. Thanks to the web, Kern (and Oklahoma) have achieved a certain kind of infamy in cyberspace.

For the record, Rep. Kern, homosexuality is not a greater threat to America "than terrorism or Islam."

Thanks to Julie DelCour in today's Tulsa World, we were reminded that Kern's anti-gay paranoia has a history in Oklahoma. Only four years ago, Sen. Tom Coburn made the startling (and idiotic) claim that "rampant lesbianism" was breaking out in southeastern Oklahoma. (Sadly, we are NOT making this up.)

We keep waiting for that particular problem to sweep across the rest of Oklahoma, but it hasn't happened.

As far as we can tell, most Oklahoma women seem quite content as heterosexuals, no matter what Tom Coburn and Sally Kern might imagine.