Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photoblogging from Downtown Chicago

This post departs from politics, Tulsa, or any of our usual AT topics. Instead, we present a few photos of our recent (and very quick) trip to Chicago. The weather was wet and chilly, but downtown was abuzz as always.

An early evening view of the glass towers along Chicago's Wacker Drive.

Yes, it looks like a giant, chrome-plated kidney bean. But up close, this Chicago sculpture is more impressive than you might expect. The day we were there, it was beaded with raindrops and condensation, which gave the metal a softer feel. It's neat to walk under it too, which we did.

Chicago's Millennium Park includes several public sculptures, including this boxed-in glass screen where huge faces and other images are projected on a rotating basis. Oh yes, the images move too. Very cool.

The front steps of the Art Institute of Chicago, home to an amazing collection of ancient and modern art.