Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Out of Ideas, Inhofe Plays the 'Liberal Elite' Card

Jim Inhofe, former Tulsa mayor and now Oklahoma's senior (God help us all) senator, needs your money. And if you don't give it to him, the "powerful far left special interest groups" are gonna get him.

Inhofe's campaign sent out an e-mail message this week with just that message. Contribute to my campaign, Inhofe said, so he can push back against the "Washington liberals."

(The liberals are coming! We're so-o-o-o-o scared!)

The language in Inhofe's e-mail is worth some analysis. The senator offers no positive agenda, no ideas, and no endorsement of any Republican legislation or policyThere's only the well-worn scare tactic
the hoary specter of "far left special interest groups" and "Washington liberals."

Having embraced nearly every policy of an unpopular and failed president,
having kissed up to the most arrogant and wrong-headed vice president in recent history, having supported an unnecessary and unpopular war, Inhofe has little positive to say about himself or the Republicans. 

Reading between the lines, Inhofe's message is clear: I'm not much of a senator, he seems to say, but liberals are worse. So send me money.

Remember: Liberals are bad.
And did I mention I need your money? 


Tulsan said...

Inhofe doesn't really need the money:

(2008) "Inhofe is well-funded -- better-funded than at any other point in his political career with $1.8 million net contributions, six times more than Rice has raised, according to Federal Election Commission reports filed at the beginning of October."

He just needs a brain transplant (simpler yet, he should be voted out of office):

"One day he (Inhofe) walked into the office and said, 'I just rode up the elevator with Barney Frank (an openly gay congressman). And I told him that I've never met a real queer before. I hope I didn't catch AIDS.'"

The quotes above come from a long profile of Inhofe, The Making of a Mountain, in the Oklahoma Gazette, Feb. 6, 2008.

Dan Paden said...

The liberals are coming! We're so-o-o-o-o scared!

Well--y'all'd scare me, if you weren't so consarned cute and fuzzy...

I'm not much of a senator, he seems to say, but liberals are worse.

Y'know, that works for me. It's the same reason I'll be voting for McCain, whom I think is a relatively mindless loser of a politician. His Democratic opposition strikes me as worse.

Anonymous said...

The Oklahoma Gazette article is MUST READ. If totally confirms that Inhofe is a lazy, ineffective jerk! I just hope Andrew Rice reads the profile and uses it as ammunition in his campaign.

If Inhofe was a liberal Democrat, he'd stil be a huge JERK!!