Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Years of Iraq 'Progress,' Yet the Violence Goes On

Jon Stewart's Daily Show is played for laughs, of course, but sometimes the political truth is all too obvious. Stewart ran a video compilation recently of the President's pronouncements on our "success" in Iraq.

Here are the President's exact words:

Bush, January 2006: "There's progress. And it's important progress and it's an important part of our strategy to win in Iraq."

Bush, November 2005: "Iraq is making incredible political progress."

Bush, October 2005: "Iraqis are making inspiring progress."

Bush, September 2005: "Iraq has made incredible political progress."

Bush, April 2005: "I believe we're making good progress in Iraq."

Bush, March 2005: "We're making progress."

Bush, September 2004: "We're making steady progress."

Bush, July 2003: "We're making progress. It's slowly but surely making progress."

Our question: How much more "progress" can we stand?

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