Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cheney Comes to Tulsa for Photo Op

Calling all Big Spenders! Vice President Dick (Five Deferments) Cheney will be in Tulsa later this month to raise money for Sen. Jim Inhofe, former mayor of Our Fair City and one of the finest minds of the 1950s. For only $2,000, you can have your photo made with the Veep himself.

Think about it: With Cheney and Inhofe in the same room, you have a festival of Republican error and misinformation. Inhofe, always flaking for the oil business, can't seem to embrace modern science (even as the oil companies—including Conoco Phillips—themselves have recognized global warming).

For his part, Cheney has an unblemished record of erroneous predictions about the Iraq war. For a mere $2,000 bucks, you can ask him about those WMDs he assured us were in Iraq. Ask him about our soldiers being greeted as liberators. Ask him about the links between Saddam and the 9/11 terrorists. As we said, he's always been wrong.

While you're at it, ask Cheney about his military experience during the Vietnam years. Oh, that's right, he kept getting deferments, five in all. Meanwhile, his classmates and peers went off to an unpopular war.

Can you spell "Chickenhawk"?

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