Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'Alternative Oklahoma' Wins Praise in Tulsa

A new book about the state's surprisingly diverse past received a positive review Sunday in the Tulsa World. Alternative Oklahoma, edited by historian Davis Joyce, was praised by reviewer Mike Nobles.

"Every now and again a book comes along that makes you proud to be called an Okie," Nobles began. "This is such a book."

Nobles wrote that the book includes essays by a range of writers on Oklahoma's hidden history, views that usually don't turn up in textbooks and other mainstream accounts of the state.

The book comes from the OU Press in Norman and sells for $19.95.

As we noted in a post last week, Alternative Oklahoma is certainly worth a look. We haven't obtained our copy yet, but we will soon. In time, we'll report on some of the essays here. Until then, see Mike Nobles' fine review. It's available at in the "Books" section of tulsaworld.com.

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MR. Mister said...

Tulsa's hidden history that usually doesn't turn up in textbooks: Tulsa TV Memories.