Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cheney Update: Even Republican Students Are Protesting

Yesterday AltTulsa reported that Vice President Dick Cheney will be coming to Tulsa later this month. Well-heeled Republican donors (starting at $250 per ticket, from what we hear) will be able to see the VP as he helps raise funds for Sen. Jim Inhofe, the state's senior senator.

But Sen. Inhofe may want to consider the latest Cheney news: His star keeps sinking.

We learn today, for example, that Cheney's invitation to speak at Brigham Young University's graduation came only after the VP's office suggested to BYU officials he'd like to be invited. So, in effect, Cheney invited himself.

One way to make sense of this is that the VP knows he's extremely unpopular and that BYU was one campus where he might be welcome. But even that hasn't turned out well. Here's a news report we picked up from Provo, the home of BYU and one of the most conservative places in the nation:

More than 200 students attended the College Democrats’ protest, a sit-in next to the campus library with no shouting allowed.

“As much as I’m opposed to Cheney and enjoy demonstrating against his politics, this is a really good chance to show the political diversity of BYU,” said Philip Erickson, a sophomore studying international relations.

But not everyone at the protest was a Democrat. Heather Marsh, a freshman studying neuroscience, held a sign stating, “Republican against Cheney.”

To which we can only add: Ouch!

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