Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prince DelGiorno Out, Medlock In at KFAQ

Poor Tulsa! Just when the city needed him most, the revered and saintly Michael DelGiorno, dulcet voice of KFAQ radio every weekday morning, is leaving us for another town.

DelGiorno's going to Nashville.

It's a pity. We're losing a true Oklahoma prince, an inspired beacon of T-Town enlightenment and spiritual guidance that we need so badly at this moment in our city's history. Without MDG (as we—his fans—love to call him), Tulsans are doomed to live forever in a fog of Godless relativism and secular humanism.

How do we know? Because he told us so every day. He told us how wrong we were and how Godly he was. He never let us forget that he had a direct line to the Lord himself—and far be it from us ordinary folk to think for ourselves or to argue with someone on such friendly terms with God. MDG told us the real, unvarnished TRUTH every day because he was, as we all know, so saintly, so unstained, so pure of mind and heart that we came to believe every single word that flowed from his lips.

But not to worry: KFAQ quickly found a replacement, none other than former city councilman Chris Medlock. Fresh from his defeat in the Republican primary last fall, Medlock may have some time on his hands. But we're betting he doesn't have MDG's access to God—just Republicans.

As we said, it's a pity.

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Buster said...

And one for the horse he rode out on.