Thursday, April 12, 2007

See You Saturday at Brookside's Herb Day

This Saturday will be busy in midtown Tulsa. It's the first day of the Cherry Street Market at 15th and Peoria, as well as the annual Herb Day in Brookside, a couple of miles south at 41st and Peoria.

In between, there's a plant sale and bazaar on the front lawn of the Tulsa Garden Center, just south of 21st Street on Peoria.

All three markets will promote Oklahoma-grown plants and products. The Brookside event will also include a couple of Oklahoma wineries, which is a nice touch in a state not known for its grape production.

And as we noted in a post below, Tulsa's Climate Action Day is Saturday afternoon at Veteran's Park, a few blocks east of Peoria on 21st Street.

Like the bumper sticker says: Buy Local.

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