Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tulsa Writers Gather on the Banks of the Arkansas

Tulsa writer Michael Wallis, author of the recently published Billy the Kid, is one of four writers who live in the lovely Sophian Plaza overlooking the Arkansas River near downtown Tulsa.

We learn this fact from an article by Kayte Spillman in the May issue of Tulsa People. The magazine refers to Wallis and his fellow writers as "The Sophian Writers' Club."

Other club members are Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg, both of whom teach history TU and write—no surprise here—historical studies. Isenberg's new book, due out soon, is a biography of Aaron Burr, famous for dueling with (and killing) Alexander Hamilton. It's called Fallen Father: The Life of Aaron Burr. Burstein's latest work, just published, is a biography of Washington Irving. The book is The Original Knickerbocker: The Life of Aaron Burr.

Eldon Eisenach is the senior member of the Sophian writer group. A political scientist who also has long ties to TU, Eisenach writes about progressivism and religion in American politics.

Despite their various interests and backgrounds, the article makes clear that the group shares a love of writing and American history. Literary life flourishing on the banks of the Arkansas River—who would have guessed it?

P.S.—Speaking of Tulsa People, AltTulsa got a notice in the April issue of the magazine, along with Tulsa blogger Michael Bates and Indie Tulsa, which features local small businesses. Links to both sites are included in our listings.

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