Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Day Before He Comes to Tulsa, Cheney Draws Protestors at Utah's Mormon university

Dick Cheney poses as a fighter. He loves to slam the Democrats as weak and ineffectual sissie-boys who fade in the face of crisis.

Yet Cheney's own record inspires little confidence.

This graduation season, for instance, Cheney is giving exactly two commencement speeches. One of those was today, and the Veep was taking no chances. He spoke in Provo, Utah, the reddest of the Red States.

Even at Brigham Young University, which is owned by the Mormon church, Cheney drew protesters. Some students had the nerve to point out that the vice president has not been a paragon of virtue.

And that other school where Cheney will deliver the graduation speech? You guessed it: West Point. We doubt that any cadets will speak out about Cheney's lack of military service.

When he shows up in T-town, perhaps Cheney will catch a glimpse of some Tulsans with demonstrated courage: Vietnam vets who served their country when he had "other priorities."

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