Friday, April 20, 2007

Headlines We Like: GOP Flip-Floppers Revealed

Columnist Ruben Navarrette has written a pointed critique of Republican presidential field. The efficient headline writer in the Tulsa World made the case clearly: "Republicans have lost their way."

The San Diego-based writer went on highlight how this happened. Oklahoma Republicans might want to take note of the following flip-flops:

Rudy Giuliani talks gun rights these days, Navarrette said, even though as mayor of New York City he supported trigger locks and lobbied to ban assault weapons.

Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts Republican, has a long history of pro-choice positions. These days, he's a born-again anti-abortionist, pandering to the hardliners in the GOP fold.

John McCain, former POW and current senator from Arizona, was recently a co-sponsor of comprehensive immigration reform. When that position didn't please the right-wing base, McCain suddenly switched positions. McCain's once-formidable presidential bid appears to be rapidly losing steam.

You get the idea. The GOP is so tightly wound around right-wing ideology that its leaders can't decide what they really believe.

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