Sunday, April 8, 2007

Radio We Like: Tulsa's Folk Salad

Whenever we can, the AltTulsa crowd likes to spend a pleasant musical hour on Sunday nights listening to Folk Salad on KWGS 89.5 FM. Scott Aycock and Richard Higgs are the congenial and knowledgeable hosts of the Folk Salad show, which airs Sundays at 7 p.m.

Aycock and Higgs play a wide range of regional and national singer-songwriters, including some acts from Tulsa and around the Sooner state. They also air interviews from local and visiting singers, and offer previews of folks acts on their way to T-town.

Tonight, the boys played a beautiful recording of Tracy Grammer, a singer we'd love to hear more of. Check out the Folk Salad guys, their playlists, and other aspects their musical world at their website,

As Aycock and Higgs always say, it's "Certified Organic Music."

One of Folk Salad's regular sponsors is the Cherry Street Farmer's Market, which open this Saturday, April 14, at the corner of Peoria and Cherry Street in midtown Tulsa. We'll see you there.


Grant said...

If you like Folk Salad, then you might like the All Soul Acoustic Coffeehouse, a monthly folk concert series at All Souls Unitarian. Great blog by the way...

R. Higgs said...

Hey, thanks for the post! We're very glad you like the show. It's a labor of love for us both. Regarding Tracy Grammer, I should note that she and the late, lamented Dave Carter were a musical couple who, through Dave's mysterious, mythical songs, and Tracy's gifts as an accompanist and interpreter, created unforgettably moving music. Her latest cd "Flower Of Avalon" carries on the tradition, as it is mostly previously unrecorded Carter compositions. Dave Carter, by the way, went to Will Rogers High School, and I believe his father still lives here.