Friday, January 26, 2007

Tulsa Government Students Make Radio Splash

Two Tulsa high school students turned up on National Public Radio this week as critics of President Bush's State of the Union speech. The students were part of a government class at a Tulsa high school, which was not identified on the program.

A student identified as Amanda spoke against the President's Iraq troop build-up on the Diane Rehm Show Wednesday morning. Rehm then asked if another student, one with a different opinion, wanted to speak. The second student, Billy, changed the subject, criticizing the President's hypocrisy on Darfur, the troubled region of Sudan.

Rehm asked the show's guests, former Republican Congressman Vin Webber and Democratic activist John Podesta, to comment on the students' remarks and thanked the students' unidentified teacher for their participation on the show.

We have no idea who these students are or which Tulsa high school they attend. But we can say that they conducted themselves well on the program, asking tough questions and representing Tulsa high school students intelligently.

The Diane Rehm Show is broadcast on KWGS 89.5 FM in Tulsa weekdays from 9-11 a.m.

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