Friday, January 19, 2007

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter Continues to Amaze

There's apparently no limit to the number of inane notions in Ann Coulter's fevered brain. Speaking this week on Sean Hannity's radio show, Ms. Coulter explained the Democratic hoopla over Sen. Barak Obama as so much left-wing racism.

Obama's rising star, Coulter said, "further confirms my point that Democrats are racist, and they're just stunned to find a black man who can walk and talk. And, you know, not being a racist, I'm not really that impressed with a black man who can walk and talk."

We beg your pardon, Ms. Coulter, but if we were so easily impressed by the idea of a black man who can "walk and talk" we'd be big supporters of your friend Alan Keyes, a favorite of a good many right-wing Republicans.

Using your own standards, some of those Keyes supporters in Illinois (and elsewhere) must have been "stunned to find a black man who can walk and talk." Or perhaps some Republican voters and even a few lefties actually paid attention to ideas and policy—words rarely mentioned in the same sentence as Ann Coulter.

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