Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't Know Nuthin' But What Sen. Inhofe Tells Us

We don't expect too much from Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, so we weren't surprised when he voiced support for the President's recent decision to send more troops to Iraq.

But we did imagine that Sen. Inhofe respected Oklahoma voters, the people he's supposed to represent in Washington.

Last week, however, Inhofe "dissed" his fellow Oklahomans. Regarding the Bush policy in Iraq, Inhofe admitted that voters might not rally behind the President. According to Inhofe, Oklahomans "are busy working and paying taxes." The senator added, "They can't be in the position to be all that well-informed."

That's right, Senator. We're just too darn busy to pay attention to complicated foreign policy issues, the ones that the (supposedly) well-informed President Bush, Dick Cheney, and their National Security team keep screwing up.

Unlike Sen. Inhofe, some of us busy, tax-paying Tulsans never believed that Saddam was an imminent threat to U.S. security (where are those WMDs, anyway?) or that invading Iraq would make us safer.

Most Americans have wised up, as have many Oklahomans. Contrary to Sen. Inhofe's assertion, we're not so busy that we missed the fact that the President was wrong or that his policies have made the world a more dangerous and hostile place.

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