Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Iraq News We Didn't Need the Media To Tell Us

News Flash: Tens of millions of dollars have been wasted in the Iraq rebuilding effort. That's the headline in the latest quarterly report from the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction.

Stuart Bowen's 579-page report reveals, in the words of the AP, "a grim picture of waste, fraud and frustration" in the rebuilding effort.

Can't say we were surprised. Many stories of waste and corruption have come out of Baghdad.

Beyond that, there's not much we can say about the latest news except the obvious: The war in Iraq—George W. Bush's war—was (and remains) a major geopolitical mistake. It continues to drain our national resources and damage our efforts to create a safer world.

Meanwhile, we continue to ask our young men and women to sacrifice their bodies for Bush's arrogance and hubris.

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