Friday, January 5, 2007

Tulsa Blog Roundup

A quick snapshot of this week in Tulsa's Blogosphere:

At Batesline, Michael Bates sees little hope for reform on the Tulsa World's editorial page after the paper's announcement this week that long-time editor Ken Neal will be stepping down. Neal, the editorial pages editor, has worked at the World since he was a copy boy in 1953 (longer than Bates has been alive, we venture to guess). Neal will be replaced by David Averill, who's worked at the paper since 1969. In Bates' view, the change will make little difference, since the World, Bates says, is always in favor of the old-money elites, higher taxes, and liberal social policies which ridicule conservative social values and, worst of all, a "Culture of Death." To which we say: Yikes! Death and taxes—no wonder he's upset.

At No Blog of Significance, Dan Paden attacks the Democrats in Congress for pushing the minimum wage raise, which he says is merely currying favor with the labor unions. Could be. But we were thinking that a little more pay for all those low-wage, non-union service workers might actually help them earn a living wage and make a decent life for themselves and their families.

At Tulsa Today, David Arnett takes credit for alerting the Tulsa Police to the prostitution operation that was advertising its services on Craigslist. Good work, we say, though it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to check the personals on that site and draw some obvious conclusions. But after reviewing Tulsa Today for some weeks, we see another problem: The site is not very "daily," despite the instantaneous nature of web technology and it's not very "Tulsa" either, since a fair amount of copy seems to come from one writer, Patrick B. McGuigan, former editorial writer for the Oklahoman in Oklahoma City. Nothing against OKC, but it's not the best location for writing about T-Town.

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