Friday, January 5, 2007

Hot-Air Hannity Talks Much But Says Little

We like to tune it to the right-wing radio talkers now and again—it's hotbed of unintentional hypocrisy and doublespeak. But even we weren't prepared for Sean Hannity's attacks yesterday on the Democratic majority in the House. Hannity seemed particularly irritated at Pennsylvania Rep. Jack Murtha, who Hannity accused of corruption in the old Abscam scandal and who, Hannity said, now wants to give in to the terrorists.

We doubt the latter charge. But we do know this: Rep Murtha, whatever his background or his views on the Iraq and terrorism, actually served in a war. He was a marine officer and is a decorated Vietnam War veteran.

What about Hannity? Oh that's right, he's a not-so-honorable Chickhawk, a man who never served his country in any kind of uniform. Yet he keeps billing himself as the Great American, safely manning the microphone in defense of his country.

Until he dons a military uniform and serves in combat, Hannity's views on the conduct of the war are suspect at best. For Hannity, it's all partianship all the time.

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