Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Hot and the Not-So-Hot

Tulsa's weekly newspaper, Urban Tulsa, is out with its "Hot 100," the paper's annual list of the "movers and shakers" in T-Town. We'd quibble with some choices, of course, but a few UT selections are worthy of additional comment.

First, the good news. We're happy to see some of our favorites on the list, including Clark Wiens, the driving force behind Tulsa's nonprofit Circle Cinema. It also good to see local arts and civic organizations and organizers on the list, including the Tulsa Historical Society, the Tulsa Peace House (Valerie Ackerman and Janet Hutto), the Tulsa Ballet (Marcello Angelini), writer Michael Wallis, and many others. We'd even give a nodding endorsement to those T-Town zanies Biker Fox and Paul Tay.

But we have to take issue with at least one dubious selection: Keith Skrzypczak, the publisher of Urban Tulsa. Sure, he's way down the list at number 97, but putting the owner of the paper that's publishing the list on that selfsame list seems just a tad too convenient.

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