Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Propaganda Payola in Bushland

Remember Armstrong Williams? No? Neither do we.

But as 2006 fades into memory, we'd like to remind AltTulsa readers of Mr. Williams' covert propaganda role in the the Bush Administration. Armstrong, a conservative pundit, signed a $240,000 deal to produce two TV and two radio ads promoting the Bush's administration No Child Left Behind law. More ominously, Armstrong agreed to promote the law in his syndicated TV and radio and newspaper columns.

Although Armstrong says he did nothing wrong, he agreed in late 2006 to repay the U.S. government $34,000. The repayment settled the government's claims against Armstrong, who did not face criminal charges.

Armstrong told USA Today recently that he he would "gladly pay" the settlement. We're glad too: We think paying pundits to promote government policies is itself bad government policy.

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