Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ms. Mouth Returns from Combat, None the Wiser

We're completely breathless now that conservative blogger Michelle Malkin is back from Iraq. Her years of military experience and combat training are sure to yield valuable tactics into how we can defeat America's enemies.

In truth, of course, Malkin spends more time worrying about liberals, the media, and the Democrats than she does about actual terrorists.

Oh wait. In Malkin's mind, the terrorists ARE the liberals, the media and the Democrats. Fight 'em in Iraq, fight 'em in Congress—what's the difference?

We prefer to take our advice about the war from someone a tiny bit more qualified than Malkin, such as retired General Barry McCaffrey. Speaking before Congress Thursday, McCaffery called the President's plan for more troops in Iraq "a fool’s errand.” Ouch!

Note to Malkin: McCaffrey has been in combat; he commanded troops in the first Gulf War.

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