Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nude Statute Scares Councilor Henderson

Will Tulsans be subjected to a naked statue on North Denver Avenue? City Councilor Jack Henderson apparently thinks so.

Today's Tulsa World reports that Henderson objected Tuesday to reports that a nude statue would be placed in a traffic circle in the Brady Heights neighborhood. Henderson called the naked statue "ridiculous."

In one sense at least, Henderson is correct. The naked statue idea is ridiculous—so ridiculous that no one has really proposed such a thing. The Brady Heights Neighborhood Association wants a "Tulsa Spirit" statue, one made of artwork produced by students at Emerson Elementary.

The World treats Henderson's mistake gently, calling him "misinformed." It also points out that the statue would not be in the traffic circle as Henderson said, but in a median along Denver.

We don't know what motivates Councilor Henderson. But we sure don't want Tulsa citizens driving by sculptures of naked people. Who knows what moral hovac that would promote? Before you know it, we might all be speaking French!


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