Saturday, July 3, 2010

Uncivil Discourse: LDS Station Gives Hannity the Boot

Sean Hannity thinks he knows politics. But he should think again.

Listening to Hannity pontificate about matters large and small is a painful process. Hannity spins, twists and distorts with the best of the right-wing windbags, rarely pausing for insignificant matters of fact, truth, fairness or balance. 

But some folks are catching on to the hype, including some Mormons. We learned today that Hannity's blabfest is going off the air on a LDS station in Salt Lake City.

Read all about it here.

By the way, Hannity's musical hoedown will be coming to Tulsa later this year, another in a long line of conservative festivals designed to boost the careers of the right-wing blabbers in the name of patriotism.

Too bad Sean never managed to enlist in the actual armed forces so he could do more than pose as a patriot.

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Tulsan said...

Hannity will shear the sheep when he is here in Tulsa. We have plenty of them to be fleeced...Oral proved that.