Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guns in Church: Louisiana Bishops Say No

Guns in church—it just sounds like a bad idea. But it's an idea the gun nuts love since, in their view, more guns in more places are always a good idea. 

Under the leadership of Gov. Bobby Jindal, the infallible and wise legislators of Louisiana recently approved a new "guns in church" bill.

The Catholic bishops in Louisiana have—quite reasonably—objected to the legislation. We don't happen to be Catholic, but we appreciate the stand taken by these good churchmen, who recognize that guns are not in the spirit of worship. Far from it.

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Tulsan said...

What are the bishops complaining about? All they need to do is get custom machine guns built into their staffs. Then they will easily be able to protect the flock from their high ground. Keep a few grenades handy in the miter, too.

And maybe collection plates could have a button-operated secret compartment that puts a Glock into the hand of a trusted parishioner in case a firestorm breaks out.

Tulsan said...

Where is the 'guns in government buildings' bill from the wise legislators of Louisiana?

They are probably a little too wise to push that. Better to dump in someone else's nest than their own.