Monday, July 26, 2010

District 68: No Massachusetts Values Allowed

Howard Pidcock is really, really worried about those horrible Massachusetts values—values that will definitely ruin the glorious state Oklahoma. 

Who is Howard Pidcock? He's a candidate for the Oklahoma House, District 68, which includes Sand Springs and other areas of west Tulsa County.

On Monday, Pidcock ran an ad in the Tulsa World, whining that his opponent was "born in Massachusetts" and "has liberal East Coast values." 


His opponent, apparently, is totally un-American, having been born in an Eastern state filled with Satan-loving gay people who abuse puppies for fun. 

This sort of baloney is typical of Oklahoma Republicans, who would rather scare voters than offer solutions.

Pidcock should be ashamed of himself. District 68 deserves real leadership, not Pidcock's political grandstanding.

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Tulsan said...

Where do all these freaks come from?