Friday, July 23, 2010

Bill-O Blows It: Fox Blowhard's Black Panther Claim Doesn't Wash

The Howling Wingnut crowd has been outraged—really outraged!—by the misconduct of the Obama Administration's Department of Justice. 

Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and the Fox News propaganda crew have been beating this dead horse for more than a week—really, really outraged at the racist Obama Justice Department.

If only they had the story right. But no. O'Reilly and his confederates have gummed up the story, so much so that their version of the story failed PolitiFact's truth test. 

As we always say, the truth is hard. The Right-wing windbags want things to be easy and simple, even when the facts don't back them up.

Let's call it what it is: Intellectual dishonesty. The full explanation here.

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Tulsan said...

Tom Tancredo: Impeach Obama! Fox News: That's Ridiculous

Ex-congressman Tancredo opined in the old Moonie paper, the Washington Times, that Obama is "a more serious threat to America than al Qaeda" and believes he should be impeached.

In a Fox News interview about it, the interviewer opens to Tancredo with, "Alright congressman, that's ridiculous."

Tancredo also said Obama "wants to destroy the constitution" and is more dangerous than al Qaeda because he represents an internal threat.

"He is a committed idealogue, and when you have somebody like that in the White House, it is to me a scary proposition, and I think that we can muster our defenses much more easily to take care of al Qaeda than we can to take care of the president."

Fox interviewer: "How is that helpful? How does that raise the level of debate?" and "it's tough to take you seriously."

Very interesting. Fox takes a strong non-anti-Obama line right out of the box. Odd, when they have streamed solid anti-Obama rhetoric since before the election. So why this tack now?

Possibilities: reaction to their partisan handling of the Breitbart video, to try to look less biased.

More likely: As a TPM commenter suggests: "It is Fox News' natural progression and story building toward the Obama impeachment argument. In about six months, especially if Rs take the House- impeachment will become daily and natural fodder on Fox."

And another: "Correct. This is all scripted nonsense in the Fox News story bible."

On another front, Krugman notes in the NYT: "Karl Rove now tells us that his 'biggest mistake' was not fighting back against the perception that the Bush administration deliberately misled us into the Iraq war."

Josh Marshall comments, "I think Mr. Rove's idea is that he and the other folks involved can try to rewrite the history -- or at least enough of a gloss for folks who aren't paying attention or are heavily invested in getting fooled -- while everybody is distracted, busy or just generally not watching."

The GOP really likes everything about Bush, except outcomes like the Iraq war, Katrina, the subprime meltdown, etc., that led to two bad outings at the polls. Mind you, they wouldn't hold those things against Bush, just their political effect. So time to rewrite history to the benefit of the still-politically-living GOP candidates.

I think we are seeing the outline of the GOP build to November. The hysteria will be turned up to a crescendo timed to Election Day.