Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lyin' about Obama: Conservative Media Invent the News

No one ever said Fox News was fair and balanced. Oh wait—that's exactly what Fox said about itself.

Let's revise: It was never the case that Fox News was fair or balanced.

So the latest evidence will come as no surprise to anyone who is actually paying attention: Fox News and other conservative mouthpieces have distorted Obama's immigration views to make it appear that he said something he clearly did not say.

For the True Believers, these reports are business as usual. In fact, lying about Obama is an entire dishonorable industry in right-wing circles, where the truth is rarely helpful to the cause. 

Media Matters has the goods. The details are here.

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Tulsan said...

Speaking of conservative media, let's see what people in Nashville think about Michael DelGiorno (Bates' erstwhile buddy) after having had him on their airwaves a few years now.

Reader comments from


"First off this isn't a radio show but rather a middle aged man's rants that range from the completely ignorant to the outrageously inane. As if by speaking louder Michael assumes we will start to understand his form of English. If Delgiorno has a demographic it is for the toothless masses."

"This psuedo Christian is not at all what Nashville needs. Over the last year I've listened to him on and off, mostly off, and as of 2 months ago I threw in the towel. This poor ignorant man doesn't even know the difference between the national debt and GDP as both him and Gwen were using these terms interchangeably on that show. I sent him an e-mail the other day about it, one that was much more polite than this review, and the e-mail that I got back called me a "fraud." So I sent him another e-mail further explaining his inability to discuss anything more intellectual than American Idol or Dancing with the Stars; this time he sent back an e-mail that was a tyraid of hatred and in capital letters told me that 'I was full of s***.' Next go around he called me every name in the book; 'an Obama lover, a gay lover, a socialism lover.' Is this the kind of dishonesty that we need on our local airwaves?! Truly ignorant, dishonest, and filled with hate. I truly feel sorry for his kids."

"Please get this ignorant moron off the air. I have to change the channel from 9 to 12 because this guy spouts nothing but hate, and lies. He claims to be a Christian but no Christian would act or talk the way he does. Please give me someone to listen to from 9-12."

"The usual Fascist-based rhetoric, covered by layers of lies. Strange how these ultra-rightists always claim a personal Christianity but their words are as far from the founder of Christianity than one can get."

"Shills for a mortgage company, yet walked away from his house in Tulsa, stiffing his mortgage company for hundreds of thousands of $$$ in losses because he wouldn't pay. Bad radio."

Sorry, Nashville, but better you than us. Good riddance to bad trash.