Friday, July 2, 2010

Illusions of Grandeur: Beck Announces His Radio University

Glenn Beck is a genius in his own mind. 

That would explain his plans for (no kidding!) Beck University, where his disciples can learn the unvarnished truth from the master. Or something like that.

It takes a big ego (and a small brain) to believe that a "university" can be built around a couple of fact-free radio and television talk shows, but Beck is nothing if not brash.

Read more about it here.


Tulsan said...

I wonder if a degree from B.U. would be enough to get a janitorial job.

Tulsan said...

Oral did it, too, but I suspect he had a clearer understanding of his own motive: to achieve respectability, then fleece the flock.

Beck is jumping right to the fleecing.

Too bad, Beck. You are just accelerating your own coming spectacular flame-out. The sooner, the better.