Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oklahoma Vet Testifies for Elena Kagan

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe came out against Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan almost the minute her nomination was announced.

That was no surprise. Inhofe, always the partisan attack dog, was determined to oppose almost anyone proposed by the Obama Administration.

But at least one knowledgeable Oklahoman has supported in a highly pubic way. Tahlequah native, West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran Kurt White spoke on Kagan's behalf last week, defending her treatment of veterans at Harvard Law School, where Kagan was dean and White was a student.

It's more evidence of Inhofe's extremism, an extremism based on partisanship, not facts. The Tulsa World has White's story. Read it here.


Tulsan said...

Batesline's voting guide is coming soon. If you are pressed for time to research every race, it's a great way to to decide who to vote for. Just pick the opponents of Bates' choices, and you can't go far wrong.

Tulsan said...

But I agree with Bates on one of his choices: Randy Brogdon.

I would welcome Brogdon as the GOP candidate for governor. He consistently loses in the double digits to Edmondson in polling.

He is such a nutcase that he could lose even in super red state Oklahoma.