Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Right-wing Extremists: Iowa Tea Party Plays the Hitler Card

The so-called "regular" folks who make up the Tea Party movement have some decidedly extremist views.

As our friends at Think Progress have documented, the Iowa Tea Party has put up a billboard comparing President Obama to Hitler and Lenin. To here these folks tell it, Obama is every bit the fascist that Hilter was.

This is outrageous nonsense, of course, but it's the same crap peddled daily by Hate Radio, Fox News, and wing-nut blogs. According to them, the Gestapo will be breaking down doors any minute.

Don't hold your breath. See the billboard here.

UPDATE: After some national criticism, even the Tea Party extremists couldn't stomach the Obama-Hilter-Lenin comparison and—presto!—the billboard has been removed. The updated report is here.

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Tulsan said...

Michael Gerson, former GW Bush speechwriter:

"The Republican Party is ascendant, emboldened -- and on the verge of debilitating mistakes."
"And so the Republican Party rides a massive wave toward a rocky shore."


GOP: Keep that tea a'pourin' even as ye approach the rocky shore. You can't help yourselves!