Friday, July 16, 2010

Lyin' about Obama: Wingnuts Promote Bogus Abortion Claim

As the old saying goes, My mind's made up—don't confuse me with the facts. 

This statement is an apt description of the American Right's criticism of President Obama. Hate radio, Fox News, and the Wingnut side of the blogosphere usually don't bother with facts. 

Facts are hard. They don't do hard. They do easy. They make up the "facts" that fit their preconceived ideas.

And this, Sooner fans, brings us to today's right-wing lie, a new one about (naturally) government-funded abortions.

PolitiFact checked the claim. It's wrong. The details are here.

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Tulsan said...

Some wingnuts (like occasional AT commenter, MotW) have always had the will and ability to create their own alternate reality and live in it.

With the advent of Fox News and right-wing radio, an alternate reality is packaged and delivered to the door of the less creative and energetic.

It's hard to see how that is going to end well.

The GOP is actively trying to harm the country so they can blame the Democrats and get back in power to give us some more of their good Republican lovin'.

The best thing on the horizon now is that the GOP is now highly identified with the Teabaggers, and those idiots are going to steer the GOP onto the rocks.

May their ship be smashed to flinders.