Monday, July 26, 2010

Tulsa Beacon Slams Sullivan's Deception; Endorses 'Genuine Conservative'

In Oklahoma, Republican candidates can never be too conservative.

As all Tulsa television views can attest, the airwaves are filled with GOP candidates touting their "traditional Oklahoma values" and opposition to all things liberal (and sensible).

No surprise, then, that Rep. John Sullivan, has attracted a more conservative challenger in tomorrow's primary, one Nathan Dahm.

Dahm may be every bit the potted plant that Sullivan is, but at least he didn't deceive the voters of the First District, as the conservative Tulsa Beacon has noted. 

Here's the Beacon's endorsement:
Rep. John Sullivan deceived the citizens of the First District for at least eight years as he covered up his alcoholism – a problem so serious that he checked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic. That deception plus his vote for the TARP disqualifies him for the ongoing trust of the voters. Nathan Dahm is a genuine conservative who believes in the Constitution. Congress needs representatives who do what they say and in that regard, Dahm is head and shoulders above Sullivan.
By the way, Sullivan's television ad presents him as the picture of health, running along Tulsa's River Parks like a school boy. Come to think of it, Sullivan just as silly and thoughtless as a school boy.

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