Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on the Red Scare: Glenn Beck's McCarthy Paranoia Lives On

Fox News commentator (so to speak) Glenn Beck on the radio today, fighting the Commies (or somebody out there; he's not quite sure):
If you don’t think that foreign nationals that wish our country harm, that would like to see us collapse, are not here right now, the Tom Cruise of Russia, of China, of Iran, of any country, Chavez – if you don’t think that some of these Marxist revolutionary courses that are being taught out in California, the Marxist revolutionary influences in our own unions, in our own businesses, in our own uh, you know, protests out in the streets — if you think those are spontaneously happening by Americans, you’re an idiot.


crevo said...

I don't see how this is paranoid - many University professors are openly Marxist or communist, and the people in charge of organized labor are usually their students, even if not openly communist. This isn't like something that's hidden from view. Even in Tulsa, one of my University professors here threw in a positive plug for Marx or Marxism about once every three class periods. The question is not, does Marxism have a large influence on society - the fact is that it does. The question is do we like or not like that influence.

Tulsan said...

The influence these professors have is awesome---look at Tulsa, a real bastion of Marxism.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Marxism is wrong anyway you look at it... no matter whether you are open about it or not. If our founding fathers wanted Marxism they would've made that our type of government... I have my opinions just as you have your own.