Sunday, April 26, 2009

Letters: Skiatook Writer Calls Out Rep. Sullivan

The anti-tax, anti-spending, anti-pretty-much-everything "tea parties" are over, but the fallout continues, at least in some quarters.

Today's Tulsa World, for instance, includes several letters poking holes in the tea party logic. (Okay, there's also a letter urging the protesters on, calling it the beginning of "a new political party.")

One letter carries this headline: "Sullivan protests himself." The writer explains Sullivan's position as follows:
It was also hypocritical of U.S. Rep. John Sullivan to decry "Obama's" bailout, when he voted for the bank bailout, commonly known as TARP, which President Bush quickly signed into law.
The writer, a Skiatook resident, ends with this line from the stand-up world: "You can't fix stupid."


Man of the West said...

I'll agree that Sullivan needs to go. I look forward to voting against him in the primaries.

Tulsan said...

Krugman is talking about Boehner in his column, "Apparatchiks", today. But he could just as easily be talking about Sullivan:

"We wonder how someone as hapless as John Boehner could be minority leader, why one Congressman after another abjectly apologizes to Rush Limbaugh, and so on; the answer is that they’re hollow men, careerists who thought they had a safe ride. If someone like Newt Gingrich seems like a giant in his party these days, that’s because, say what you like about him (and I don’t like much about him!), he got into the business when doing so involved taking some actual risks."

Anonymous said...

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