Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facebook Follies: New Study Shows Link Between Facebook Use and Grades

As anyone under 40 knows by now, Facebook is all the rage. Even the senior set has gone gaga for Facebook.

The social networking site has legions of devoted followers, including millions of high school and college students.

But a new study links Facebook to lower grades. The study is far from definitive, but it does suggest that more Facebook time could lead to lower scores.

Judge for yourself. Here's a summary of the report.

Facebook users have lower overall grades than non-users, according to a survey of college students who also ironically said the social networking site does not interfere with studying.

That disconnect between perception and reality does not necessarily mean that Facebook leads to less studying and worse grades -- the grades association could be caused by something else. However, it does raise more questions about how students spend their time outside class on activities such as Facebook, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities.

"I'm just saying that there's some kind of relationship there, and there's many third variables that need to be studied," said Aryn Karpinski, an education researcher at Ohio State University.


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